Sometimes the truth must be fictionalized so it’d be truer… History matters… Nick Padron

“Who killed JFK?” The idea had never entered Nelson’s mental universe, until that day…

A novel inspired by factual events

When Nelson Montes, a young New York musician, discovers an old videotape recording made by his deceased father, a former intelligence agent, detailing his participation in “The greatest unsolved crime of the 20th century;” and his life is forever changed.

It was around this time, his father’s twin brother, the mysterious Uncle Reynaldo, reappears in his life. He submits Nelson into a process of indoctrination similar to the mind control techniques used in the classic novel The Manchurian Candidate and TV Homeland series. In time, Nelson is persuaded to go public with his father’s video confession, something he swore never to do. It plunges him into the shadowy world of Miami’s Cuban exile power-players, Castro’s, and FBI agents, and into a web of deception that builds up into a crescendo of violence and betrayals. A deadly race that endangers the life of the woman he loves and threatens to turn him into another patsy in the historic assassination conspiracy.

Some of what’s been written about Nick’s debut novel, The Cuban Scar…

* A riveting read . . . an astounding and superb job in recreating the era during JFK’s assassination . . . a very strong writer’s voice, one I haven’t come across in such a long time for a new novelist. Lea Schizas MuseItUp Publishing

*… Both, a sensitive and powerful writer and a powerful novel… Erica Orloff, best-selling author of multiple novels across several genres

*Whatever you think you’re gonna find in The Cuban Scar . . . I guarantee, it will keep you turning pages . . . the perspectives on the Kennedy assassination are illuminating and subtly drawn out in unexpected ways . . . the whiffs of honesty that pervade the book have that sensibility of ambiguity – moral, historical and otherwise – deeply comic vision of human bumbling . . . another sign of the true writer… Tom Badyna, author of Flick

*. . . enjoyed it a lot. It is very directly written . . . it has the ring of truth… Laurence De B. Anderson, author of The Redeemed

*…The Cuban Scar set in the eighties but harking back to an important time of American history in the sixties is very intriguing and his words and characters have the simple sophistication that only good writers with a crisp, clean voice can deliver. You won’t put this first novel down. William Williamson, poet and novelist, author of Some Came After

*… Reads like a combination of pulp fiction and literary fiction… Silvia Curbelo, poet and literary critic

*…From the very first pages, the author keeps you glued to the story, sometimes I found my mind screaming at the main character “don’t do it”. An interesting story about family, life, and lies which will keep you wondering what’s next, how will he handle the unknown, and will he live to talk about it. If you like mysteries with a twist … and a little bit of romance thrown in … then read The Cuban Scar. You’ll love it. Ilia Dijan, N.Y.

*...this book has it all. intrigue, action, romance, good characters. a great premise. it grabs you right away and doesn’t let go. read it now before the movie comes out! Donald Ciccone, Bookman, San Francisco, Cal.


Nick Padron was born in Cuba and grew up in New York City. He shares his time between Madrid, Spain, and Miami, Florida. He studied writing and literature at New York University. As a musician and composer, he played with various rock bands and recorded as a solo artist for RCA Records. He produced his own recordings as well as that of other artists in the U.S. and abroad. He is the creator of Diablero, a rock opera based on Carlos Castaneda’s books, produced by legendary rock entrepreneur Bill Graham. His television work includes comedy sketches, interviews (with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Quentin Tarantino, and others). He performed in several top TV shows in Spain (with Javier Barden, Pedro Almodovar…) He was part of the cast of the highly acclaimed, award-winning Europe’s Tele-5 series Esta Noche Cruzamos El Mississippi (1995-1998) His short stories have appeared in numerous publications, collections, and anthologies in the United States, Canada, Spain, and Japan. His novella, It Tolls For Thee, was rated number one at Zoetrope All-Story series. His Running Wild winning novelette, Sylvia’s Island, was published by RW Press. He is the author of the short fiction collection Souls in Exile. His novels are Gabriel Hemingway’s The Cuban Scar, The Exhumation, and Where Labyrinths End, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award